5 Impressive Features That Set Bmw 7 Series Apart

5 Impressive Features that Set BMW 7 Series Apart by PriyankaBeing one of the premium luxury automakers of the world, creativity has been significant to the success of BMW Group. This century-old manufacturer of luxury cars has achieved an impressive name in the industry – the credit goes to exceptional German engineering, excellent design and outstanding craftsmanship. In the last few years, a tidal wave of change has been witnessed in the luxury automobile segment and, therefore, an increasing need for rapid innovation at BMW has become more consequential than ever before. With the expansion of technology across all vehicle segments, premium car manufacturers have to put more efforts to differentiate their cars. The 7 Series is BMW’s flagship and the automaker’s technology standard-bearer. Though previous generations of this Munich based luxury car manufacturer debuted active safety features, navigation system, iDrive and center-console infotainment controller, which was later adopted by other automakers.BMW introduced 24 new features in its 7 Series, out of which some are segment exclusives. We have listed five impressive tech features that make the 7 series a must-buy.1. Gesture Control The 7 Series has gesture control that detects the position of a hand. For instance, twirling a finger clockwise and counter-clockwise can increase or decrease the volume of the stereo. You can answer a call on a connected Bluetooth phone by simply pointing at the screen and the call can be ignored by simply swiping a finger. 2. Touch Command TabletThe 7-inch Touch Command Tablet given in the BMW 7 series is for those car-owners who prefer to be driven while reclining in the business-class-style backseat. This touch command is typically used to control the audio system, mood lighting, internet connectivity, multiple shades and the panoramic sunroof.3. 3D View CameraThough surround-view camera systems are not new for a luxury car, BMW 7 Series gives a new twist to it. Now, the driver can use gesture control to rotate the image to complete 360 degrees and can see every nook and corner of the car. T4. Vitality ProgramThe luxurious 7 series offer a Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package that includes a Vitality Program. With a series of isometric exercises given on the 10-inch rear-seat entertainment system screens, it guides the passenger and let him/her perform by pressing parts of the body into the cushions and seat back.5.Display Key The key fob for the BMW 7 Series has an LCD touchscreen that lists down various information like whether the doors are locked or unlocked, windows and sunroof are opened or closed, fuel status and service reminders. Moreover, the 7 Series key can also be used for the Remote Control Parking feature.If you also plan to buy this car, you can check BMW 7 Series Sedan price online. Visit a dealership like KUN Exclusive in Hyderabad and make the purchase. Visit a dealership like KUN Exclusive in Hyderabad and make the purchase. Article Source: eArticlesOnline.com

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