Messi And Ronaldo With Ronaldo Soccer Jerseys Leads Two Support World Shang Best Of Team

Messi and Ronaldo with ronaldo soccer jerseys leads two support world Shang best of team



Last season\’s Champions League semi-final, Mourinho have been criticized because of his conservative tactics, now Jose Mourinho with

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learned, this time, he\’s not conservative, but pressed to Barcelona also more successful, he used the suffocating repression, and the thorough control of the ball, let Barcelona on the Court feeling very uncomfortable. But Harvey\’s debut in the second half, Real Madrid on Barcelona\’s advantage in ball control is also greater. Because the ball control, significantly more opportunities for Real Madrid, data show, the audience match Real Madrid up to 20 per cent of shooting, 9 of them hit the goal, while Barcelona only 4 shots, but 2 hits the goal into a goal. Casillas is not a difficult fight, Valdez made 7 times difficult to fight the blaze. Mourinho\’s new tactical bloom, fans are very satisfied. The Marka newspaper said that looked Real Madrid to Barcelona has narrowed the gap a lot, now the team can take an optimistic mood at Camp Nou stadium, seek won the season\’s first Championship trophy.

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Real Madrid gave Barcelona a horse. This is Spain the State newspaper contest coverage of title, the report considered that, in Real Madrid in the normal game looks more dynamic, more stability, competition, especially in the first half, Real Madrid with

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took advantage, but despite this, Real Madrid was lacking rhythm, lack of preparedness of Barcelona. Football may create many cannot understand the results, this time Real Madrid met in this case, they showed a more prominent, playing better, but failed to win. But in any case, it is Real Madrid worth the wait, but Valdez outstanding performance in the race, but Benzema opportunities poor me, Real Madrid can go 5 balls, fate will not always be unfair, if Real Madrid cling to the first-class level, then Real Madrid reversed in recent years on Barcelona\’s disadvantage, it is completely possible. \”Star Wars! \”Wednesday published of Marka reported under with such of title to description Real Madrid (micro-Bo) and Barcelona (micro-Bo) of Spain Super Cup second round competition, said two support interstellar war team, will in Camp Nou stadium compete for a seat brilliant dazzling of Super Cup trophy, Messi and Ronaldo with

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leads two support world Shang best of team, Barcelona aspects, pique, and Harvey, and Busquets are shangyu return, and just introduced of Fabregas, also may in tonight staged first Sau, Real Madrid aspects only of changes is keentelang alternative di Maria first. For a long time since Spain Super Cup in the eyes of the players, coaches and fans, led the race coach, with not much interest in preparation for the games, but more is to be used to prepare for, not as a contest in real earnest. Primera Liga preparing for Super Bowl is used to start, you can also give new players the opportunity to debut debut. However, once into both sides of the Super Cup game against Real Madrid and Barcelona with

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, increased level of competition will instant, the Super League match of the Cup is better than the General, two teams will do its best to fight, fight for win over rivals got the first trophy of the season. Super Cup second leg match, both sides would send the strongest team war, natural stars on Court.

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