What To Consider Before You Buy An Smtp Server


The high cost of having an in-house IT group and all the hardware you need to justify the decision to buy an SMTP server typically makes this a very unattractive option. This is particularly true when you compare the cost of the purchase, upkeep and continual need to upgrade to what you can expect from a top SMTP service.

If you are thinking that you need to buy an SMTP server to get a dedicated server, you need to think again. The top service providers will offer either a transactional SMTP or a dedicated SMTP service that offers you all the security and management options that you would get if you had it in-house.

Packages So You Don’t Have To Buy an SMTP Server

The best options so you don’t have to buy an SMTP server include a range of hosted and managed packages. This includes the option to choose based on the speed of emails sent per hour, which can range from a speedy 1250 emails per hour to the lightening speeds of 7500 emails per hour.

Choosing a package often takes a bit of thought as you want to get the speed of delivery you need while still keeping costs low. Look for a company that will work with you as you grow, leaving potential in increase your email marketing or even to become a reseller.

Authenticated is Essential

With a dedicated SMTP service program you will get fully authenticated mailing, which means you don’t have to worry about your emails being mislabeled as spam or getting blacklisted by servers. This is the major reason why companies consider the option to buy an SMTP server because they don’t realize that is also available as part of a provider package.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about authentication, certificates and all the costs associated with ensuring that your email is being delivered. In addition top companies will provide continual internal review of subscribers, immediately detecting anything that may be spamming and removing those users from the system.

Remember, with a dedicated SMTP server company you don’t have to pay for bandwidth or image hosting and you aren’t required to buy an SMTP server or manage any upkeep on the system. That makes using a service a very smart business decision for anyone.